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In last years, very important things had happened on surgery by technology. One of their biggest point is “Laparoscopic Surgery” which called “closed” or “non-bleeding” in public.

Laparoscopic Surgery can be used for ovarian cysts, chocolate cyst, problems about fallopian, uterine fibroids(myoma), removal of the uterus, uterine prolapse and uterine cancer.

Laparoscopic Surgery technics were used at gynaecology at first. Then, general surgery and the other branches had used it. All the procedures can be applied by 0,5-1,5 cm diameters and 3-4 pices of small cuts which is opened under belly-button. So it has a lot of advantages according to the general surgery. Some of them:

Scar is little or no, recovery is satisfactory as esthetically: In open surgery there can be 15-25 cm cuts, but on closed surgery it is only around 0,5 cm. So it gives more esthetical view.

Inflammation risk of mark is little: Inflammation risk and infection possibility is less than open sergeries due to the little cuts. And the abdomen is not opened in laparoscopy, so that’s why the risk possibility is decreased.

Incisional hernia risk is little: Little cuts makes hernia risk decreased

Bleeding risk is little: To operate by 0-20 x optic zoom camera ensures detailed vision. So it decreases bleeding risk.

 Shorter hospitalization time: With closed operation technic, you can be discharged on the same day. Because complication risks are less than the open surgeries.

Returning to the daily life in less time: One of the most important advantages of the closed operations is returning to the daily life in less time. After the closed operations, the patients can join their Daily life activities and jobs within 1 week.

Cohesiveness, infertility and un recovered pain risks are little: Ovarian cysts, myomas, cohesivenesses on fallopian and around it may effect the fertility. That risk is less on closed surgery than the open surgery.  Also the most important advantages of laparoscopic surgery are taking off the cysts by protecting the ovarian, resolving the cohesivenesses and obstructions on fallopian and taking off the myomas by protecting the uterus. So having children chance can be increased.

But in our country, Laparascopic Surgery couldn’t be up to the mark. It is still 15%. This rate is 30% in developed countries. The most important reason for this situation is; there are some education and exam standards to be given to the specialists. If they will be successful, they deserve to get Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeon Diploma. But unfortunately, however there are so many attempt, this subject couldn’t have been developed.

The other important reason is, these operations needs a very serious technological investment.  There aren’t enough institution which can foresee and to invest economically. In EGEMED SÖKE HOSPITAL-PRIVATE INSTITUTION which has these abilities , I can make almost all of Gynaecological Operations (ovarian cysts, chocolate cyst, problems about fallopian, myoma, removal of the uterus, uterine prolapse, uterine cancer) with my staff.

We hope the people will understand such an important service is being given in EGEMED HOSPITAL by laparoscopic surgery technics as soon as possible. And also this operations can be applied under the coverage of health insurances. So we think Aydın people is very luck of having a hospital which can provide these services.