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What are the benefits of Vitamin D

Vitamin D strengthen the bones and teeth with regulating the absorbtion of calcium and phospore. There for it becomes more important for the babies and growning up children.Familes should be careful to support their new borms and growing ups. It is also good  for the digestive system, muscles, slin and pancreas and make intestenials work regularly. Vitamin D is essential for tyroid functions and heatly coagulation. It also has key factor on hormone regulating, neural system and immune system.

Which food should we consume for Vitamin D

The foods which are rich in Vitmin D are; Egg yolk, fish, fish oil, butter, meat, vegetables, liver

What happens if the lack of Vitamin D, which disease it may cause ?

It may cause rachitism to the children, osteomalacia to the adults (softening of bones), bone matrix elements disorders and weakining for bones and muscles.It is easier for an diagnosis when childhood but it becomes harder present at older ages. The children generally have rachitism, maldevelopment on bones and prevent grow teeth as disorders. Adults have generally(softening of bones), caries, anxiousness, sleep disorders.

Is there any possibility of injection or tablets for supporting for Vitamin D, Have they got any harm?

First of all Vitamin D should be taken by the follow up of a doctor. Injection is preferential, talets may be preferably used.It depends on for the Vitamin D needs; the age, life style, sun ray or beams who have them much or less.Although Vitamin D is really important for our body, there is a risk if we use too much Vitamin D that it may causes babies and children physical and mental retardation, short stature.

In addition to these your kidney functions may be dysfunctioned. If you take too much Vitamin D, you may have Nausea,Vomiting,Diarrhoea,Inappetency,High blood pressure,Cholestrole, Headache,Deformation at capillary vessels. It could be fatal as well.