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In EGEMED soke hospital, one of our main objectives in taking the necessary precautions before the emergence of the disease and ensure that people stay healthy. Because, the motivation and health could be ruined after the emergence of the disease and the treatment becomes more expensive.

Due to quality of life early and accurate diagnosis is very important for the diseases cancer,hypertension and a lot of other disease. Early diagnosis is very important also for the diabetic and hypertension. Because, this kind of diseases may continue years without symptoms.

Who should have check-up and how often?
It is advised  for everybody to have check up once a year even if there is no complaints. That period may change according to familial risk factors (Cancer, coronary artery disease etc.)
It is not advised to get research for the people who has health problems and pregnant women.

What should be the content of check-up?
Special package programs to certain age periods (Child-Menopause-prostate..etc.) . Special screening programs intended to familial hereditary disease (Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease..etc) Beside that, we prepare it especially for you in order to necessary physical examination and Laboratory / radiological detection tests. Our check-up packages that prepared in different context can be changed to personalized check-up