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Laboratory of Biochemistry, Microbiology and Pathology Laboratory provide the uninterrupted service with the experienced physicians and staff who is able to use the most advanced technology. Microbiology laboratory is a necessary unit for the hospital that provide a quality service.

Microbiology laboratory provide 24 hours service in our hospital. Microscopic examination,analysis of the culture cultivation and blood tests are done with the samples taken from the patients. The samples taken are saved to the system as soon as finalized. The patient can get the results from the related department without going back to the laboratory.

There is class II biological safety cabinet in our microbiology laboratory for the examination of samples processed. Also there is 1 oven for cultivation of tissue samples for culture and sterile body fluids and tissue samples. There is 1 automated blood culture instrument for  blood culture cultivation,there is 2 light microscope. There is  necessary materials and tests for the identification of gram positive and negative bacteria. All necessary materials and tests for antibiotic susceptibility testing. Various dyes are used in our laboratory diagnostic purposes. Serologically Brucella Rose-bengal, Brucella and Salmonella standard tube agglutination agglutination tests can also be studied in our laboratory.