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Atrichiosis (Hair loss) is not monocausal, it may cause impaired quality of life with esthetics and anxiety (exogenous, physical). hair transplantation has been performed if medical treatment couldnt be successful.
In EGEMED Soke Hospital The patient is examined by our Dermatologist before hair transplantation and other essential tests are performed. By the last result, it is decided wheter the patient fit the purpose of transplantation or not. In addition to that blood thinner medicines for a week, alcohol usage for three days and smoke for one day should be stopped before hair transplantation.

In EGEMED Soke Hospital  ‘‘Fue’’ technique has been performed which is the latest version of the hair transplantation and is used all around the World and Turkey. Hair follicles which are taken by the patient’s both back of ears with a special point microengined and they are transplanted to glade areas within dermal pores on head.
The patients never feel pain or ache, due to the local anesthesia

Just in a session, approximately 3000 grafts can be transplanted on bald points during 6-7 hours period. After the transplantation, there is a possibility of crusting for one week at the points of translpantated. After two days later patients may started to have shower, and keep on everyday. After exuviation, red spots may be seen on the bald surface but this is temporal. The patient may return his/her daily life after a week or ten days later. The transplantated hairs are going to be loss in a month and after three months, new hairs started to growth. Between six and nine months hairs become abundant and grow more and take its final form in a year.

Hair transplantation has been performing not only for men patients but also women patients. And in our hospital we have experinces for eye brow and eyelash eye brow transplantation too.