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Oral and Dental Health Department

We know that periodontal diseases are one of the most important health problems in the World. Because of it doesn’t have a direct effect on our lives, People generally dont care their oral health.

Contagions in our mouth cause an ill affect to impairment of our dental health.

Teeth have functions like chewing, grinding, talking and our appearances.

The person who lost some his/her teeth can’t voice out some sounds and words healthly, moreover has difficuties chew or bite.

Tooth Decays and gingivitis are the leading diseases for the periodontal diseases.

For sometimes gingival diseases proceedingly have adverse effects like render the jaw bone

Impeirment of health also have side effect on our body of organs. Being with an open target and have adverse effect almost all systems too. Unhealthy teeth can be easily get an infection. In addition to this, this infection may also spread to organs and let to superinfection to heart, kidneys, joints.

Not having any parafunction or structural defect in mouth and teeth, it refer us that teeth are fully functional and this person has mouth and dental health. 

As being a good follower at advance developments in medicine Our Dental Clinic;

  • Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Dental Implant Applications
  • Tooth Decays and Treatments
  • Peridontal Disease and Treatments
  • Development Disorder of Teeth and Treatments

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internal Branches