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Neurosurgery ;  is a surgical specialized branch  treating central and peripheral nervous system disorders. EGEMED Söke hospital Neurology department physicians are giving emergency clinic and outpatient services beside brain, Spinal Cord and Nerve Surgery Department, inpatient services.

In our hospital,brain tumors, aneurysm surgery , waist, neck and spinal cord trauma surgery, neurosurgery, head trauma surgery, waist and neck hernia treatment are included in neurosurgical services.

The branch of neurosurgery is considered  most attention and experience in medicine. İn this case it is necessary to work with an experienced and energetic team who follows the latest scientific developments . EGEMED Söke hospital is one of the referenced  innovation and advanced technology  in this category . Brain and Nervous Diseases Clinic provides the quality,experienced and specialized diagnostic and treatment services about brain,spinal cord  and neurosurgery. In our hospital we have advanced technical infrastructure and equipment for the spinal cord and nerve surgery , all brain surgery and featured brain surgery . Even in case of emergency we can do neurosurgery operations and treatment for the applicant  patients.