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EGEMED Soke Hospital Newborn Unit and Intensive Care Dept. has newborn observing capacity with totally 6 beds which are 4 incubators and 2 open radiant bed. All of the beds contain approprate concentrated oxygen support and babies can be weighed in incubators. All incubators are equipped with monitors. There are two insualted (sepsis) rooms and their water and air conditioning systems are also unconnected to other systems in order to evacuate dirty water and air. USG and Pa Lung X-ray’s and also blood gas follow ups can be performed by the chairside. High standart six of ventilators are using in our unit. There are one phototherapy unit and two transport incubators.

We also perform those applications; Peripheral venous catheterization, umbilical catheterization, thorax tube implantation, exchange blood infusion, TPN (total parenteral nutrition). Newborn Unit is located at the same floor with Gynaecology Unit and Operating theater. The babies which would be born with a risk of life, carry to newborn unit with transport incubators without contacting the external enviorment.