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At the earlist for the best result:

Power Plate which has been using world wide securely, is a very effective method on exercising the muscles actively, accelerating  the functioning of metabolism, transform the excess body fat to energy and than burn it, tighten the muscles which already deformed.

Due to Accelerating the functioning of metabolism impact, it also assist a person to losing the weight.
Hence Power Plate is very effective on locational overweights, tighten the body, get into shape.

Power plate is a vibration based revolutionary device with its features that using for sport, health, beauty, physiotherapy and anti-aging.  Tighten the fat tissiues, reducing cellulitis, tighten the muscles which already relaxed.

Power Plate makes a powerful vibration that increase the gravitational force for four times  on whole body. The phsyical vibration tranfers to muscles as an energy. Succession of involuntary contraction can be seen, in fact muscles relaxed and contracted 30-50 times in a secound. This contract also makes the tendons, intra-abdominal muscles and the mucles that cover the spinal cord, strained. Muscles get stronger in a short time period while working in-depth. That makes tighten the fat tissiues, reducing cellulitis, tighten the muscles which already relaxed.

Sessions have taken just  10-15 mins last. 10 or 15 mins. exercises are enough for getting the perfect results. Power plate has an ease of application and no special apparels are needed in order to exercised the muscle for exact point of body. Anyone who spare 10-15 mins during the lunch time, have the equivalent of 1,5 hours exercises without sweating.

Power Plate exercises has been performing under the control of a specialist and well prepared private exercises shcemed.

Before the session some personel analysis has been making, like BMI(Body Mass Index), functioning of metabolism, fat ratio, muscle ratio, the level of water in our body.  And than all those test has been kept by our specialist, in order to get the best results.  We are saving the datas with the  situation assessments and than sahirng to our patients

In order to become serious about the condition of the patient, regular computation and  the results need to be checked up after the 3rd and the 4th sessions. In addition to diffrences of numbers  about the progress, the patient have been motivating in that way.