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Infections are the diseases that it could occour and be contagious in any part of our body with form of bacterias, viruses or parasites. A lot of infectious diseases can be diagnosed and treated with the advencement on methods for diagnosis and usages of new antimicrobial medicines.

A gerat verity of  disease known as flu, urinary tract infection, diarrheas, in addition to fatal disease like AIDS, meningitis, tuberculosis, hepatitis, can be followed-up and can be treated by Infectious Disease Specialists. In order to being a finding; fever oftenly be observed in Infection diseases, Infectious disease has an important role for reviewing the patients who has fever.

Microbiology labs also have a decisive role while following-ups and diagnosing of the Infectious diseases. The microorganisms that cause the diseases can be researched with cultivation method, serological tests and direct tesets.

The Infectious disease Specialists plan medical team works and perform follow ups and make provisions against especially strong resistance infections in intensive care departments of hospital. The duties of Infection Control Committee are; prevention of inconvenient usage of antibiotics, the training of the personnel about the control of Infection, supervising properly the hygiene for all units of the hospital.

The Infectious Disease Specialts work as an advisor for adults ıf they need to be vaccinated.