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The medicines are usually the treatment type for acute inflammations of tonsils and adenoids.  Howewer the tonsils and adenoids which doesn’t cause serious problems and enfections can be treated by medicines, sometimes they have to be taken by operation.  There is no age limit for the adenoids. But if there is no necessarry,  the operation can be made for under 3 years old. The big tonsils which prevents the respiration seriously, can be taken for under  3 as well. Tonsil Operations are frequently made for the ages of between 3-10.  To determine the upper  age limit is not possible.


It is an allergic snuffles causes from the pollens, ordinary dusts in houses and the roads and also some chemical materials.

Summer flu is different from the others(virus infections). It occurs from the particles in the air. Hay fever and summer flu are the commen names allergic rhinitis in medicine language. (Rhinitis: nose enflammation). Every year, lots of people have allergic rhinitis. Some of them don’t have big problems, but some of them can have serious struggles during the illness.

Treatment with medicine is a successful way for hay fever. Histamine has a negative role for the allergic events. The aim of the treatment is, deactivating the histamine. So, antihistamines medicines are used.  The other medicines that are used for this treatment are the medicines which includes cortizol.