Companion Guide

The number of companion is limited to one person. More than one companion may cause unnecessary crowd and may interfere the fonction of the hospital.

It is obligated to keep attached  the ID cards always that we arranged for the patient companions name.

The companion persons should keep the rules of Hospital. In case not, their companion will not be accepted.

The companions may use the available seats in the patients room to rest.

The companions shouldn’t make any application fort he patient (except physicians and nurses directives).

The companions should keep the hospital  items tidy and clean . The companion is obligated to pay in case of they cause any damage of hospital items.

The companions should not take the patient out of the hospital or should not change the patient’s bed without the permission of related physician or nurse

The companions can not smoke or can not have alcoholic beverages  in the hospital

The companions should not bring food and beverage to the patient. They should not give food and beverage to the patient without permission of physician or nurse.

The companions should not talk loudly in the patients room or hallway. They should not disturb the other patients and personnel.

Expired companion ID cards must be renewed.

The companions can benefit  the catering of hospital without paying any other extra charge as long as they show their companion ID.

The companions should call the nurse in case of any problem related to patient

The companions should let the responsable nurse know  in case of they have to change the companion