Patient Rights

As soon as we step into this world we assume some rights as human beings. In our hospital everyone is considered free, honoured and equal.  Your patient rights are fundamental to everything we do.
Whilst protecting your own rights it must also be remembered that other patients and staff also enjoy the same protection and your behaviour should never violate their rights.
Should you feel dissatisfied we would ask you to be polite and clearly state your objection and expectation. If you believe your rights have been infinged we offer a soluion through our patients rights communication unit, director of hospital services, director of hospital or chief physician without the need of confonting any employee who you consider to be responsible.

Patients who do not have decision making competence may use a legal representative. Every effort will be made to keep the patient informed and, when appropriate, approval sought.
Should a life threatening situation arise, the physicians will intervene for the benefit of the patient even if a legal representative refuses treatment.
Where a delay in treatment is free from risk, if the legal representative declines treatment he or she will be sued if the decision to refuse treatment is adverse to the patients well being.
The physician reserves the right to treat any patient who is unconcious or in need of urgent help.



1- The right to be able to benefit from the service
To enjoy the benefits of health care service with fairness and equity. The patient has the right to recieve care without  discrimination of their religion, race, beliefs, gender, econmic or social position.

2- The right to be informed
Patients have the right be fully informed  about their health  and of all possible treatment.

3- The right to choose your health care provider.
Patients have the right to choose which health care provider they prefer. The patient also has the right, at any time, to know the identity of their doctors and carers and the right to request  alternative staff.

4- The right to privacy
The patient has the absolute right of privacy regarding all matters.

5- The right to accept, refuse or stop the treatment
Patients have the right to stop or refuse treatment and to give  consent before any medical procedure.

6- The right to a safe environment
The patients have the right to receive health care service in a safe environment.

7- The rights to practice religious obligations and have access to religious services
The patients have the right to fulfill their religious obligations within the conditions of the hospital and in the scope of measures taken by the management.

8- The rights to human values,dignity and comfort
The patients have the right to receive a good health care service given with respect,  geniality and comfort.

9- The rights, to be able to keep a companion or visitors
If deemed appropriate by the physician, the patients have the right to keep a companion or visitors within the principles and rules of the hospital.

10- Communication Rights
The patients have the right to have a translator who speaks their own language as long as they are able to pay for that service.

11- The right to sue and  complain
The patients havethe right right to sue or complain in case of violation of rights.