Patient Responsibilities

There has been a recent introduction, the concept of patient responsibilties, to sit alongside patients rights. There is no definition available yet but the general meaning is set out below.

1- General Responsibilities

  • People should heed the following reccomendations and strive to remain healthy and safe.
  • If it is suitable, the person may give blood or donate organs.
  • In simple, everyday  situations people should care for themselves

2- Social Security Status

  • The patient should ensure the hospital is informed of any changes to health, social security or any personal information.

3-  Disclosure Responsibility for Health Care Staff

  • The patient should give all information  about his/her health.( complaints,medical history etc.)

4- The Responsibility For Compliance With Hospital Policy

  • The patient should comply with the rules of hospital
  • The patient is expected to cooperate with health workers throughout the treatment
  • Patients should respect the date and time of appointments.  If you need to change an appointment please call the hospital.
  • The patient should respect the rights of other patients and visitors.
  • The patients are financially responsible for damage to hospital property,

5- The Responsibility for Compliance With Treatment Recommendations

  • The patient should listen carefully to the treatment and medication reccomendations. You should be sure you have fully understood the instructions.  If in any doubt it is your responsibi lity to ask for clarification.
  • If there are any reasons why you feel unable to follow the treatment reccomendations you should notify the medical staff at once.
  • The patient should confirm the treatment and discharge plans have been fully understood.

6- The Responsibility of Paying examination and treatment cost

  • The patient should confirm the intended method of payment.
  • If you have a right to free treatment you must provide documentary evidence of proof.

The patient retains the right to refuse treatment, however, by so doing he or she accepts the responsibility for the consequences of that decision.