Egemed About Us

We are preparing to change the private health concept to ‘’individual private health’’ in Turkey.

Our Mission

To be a preferred healthcare provider using modern technology and in the light of scientific studies who is reliable, qualified, respecting patient rights, based on ethical values, the one who keep patient and staff safety in the forefront, modernizers and continuous self-improvement.

egemed about

Our Vision

Our Vision We are preparing to change the private health concept to ‘’individual private health’’ in Turkey. We work for to be one of the hospital who created individual private health concept with fledged services. We came out with the goal of being the best hospital in the region. And we continue our way with the goal of becoming the best chain group of hospitals.



The Pearl of Aegean Kusadası One of the famous historian Herodotus once said for the region that ‘’ Aegean had been the most beautiful earth beneath the sky.’’ This area is well known not only with its clean and beautiful sea sides and spectacular sun sets where the open blue air settles with Aegean Sea but also organised both holiday and lifelong destination. Although its fame comes through the summer seasons, life in Kusadası is as alive as in other seasons with nightlife, marinas, 5 stars hotels, holiday villages and being close destinations to historical, antique places and sites.Ephesus Antique City: It is located 18 km away from Kusadası. You will be witness the long history dated back more than 7000 years ago. House of the Virgin Mary: Narrated and written history told us that Mother Mary had travelled to Ephesus with St. John after Jesus passed away.


Some historians mentioned that she had settled, lived and died in Bülbül Mountain, so that that location is accepted as an pilgrimage destination. That divine and scared place is also holly for the Muslims as well and had already been visited millions of people so far. Baptising and ceremonials is held 15th of August every year by the honour of her. Kusadası is unique to salute you and your very own special needs of beauty and aesthetics as it had gain its reputation being one of the oldest health and wellness region through the history.

Our Team

M.D. Bekir Zafer Akad

Plastic Surgeon

M.D. Deniz Gülhan

Obesity Surgeon

M.D. Murat Kaya

Chest Diseases