Orthopedics is the subject of correction of bone or muscle disorders seen in people of all ages.

Orthopedics is the subject of correction of bone or muscle disorders seen in people of all ages. Such deformities, broken dislocations, surgery, transplantation or stretching, etc. It happens by correcting it with special methods such as.


In Egemed Hospitals, these methods are best applied with our state-of-the-art devices.


By applying hip and knee prostheses used in adult joint problems with Minimal Invasive techniques (from small incisions as possible); By reducing postoperative pain and increasing movement rates, it facilitated patient care and enabled patients to return to work early or take care of themselves.


Apart from this, in cases where the knee joint cartilage is not completely damaged, our experience in Unicondylar (half knee prosthesis) application, which is applied in our clinic, is advanced.


Resurfacing Arthroplasty (resurfacing arthroplasty), which increases movement rates in young patients with hip problems, prevents early loosening of the prosthesis due to its minimum wear feature, and allows the patient to maintain a normal life without any restrictions without the need for long-term additional surgery, is applied in our clinic and is still one of the few centers in our country.


Our orthopedic clinic is one of the centers where arthroscopy (closed joint surgery), which is a breakthrough in joint surgery, is applied with the latest technologies. Currently, knee and shoulder Arthroscopic Surgery procedures are performed in our clinic using the most advanced techniques of today. In joint surgery, Mosaicplasty (cartilage transplant) surgeries, which enable the repair of the lost cartilage using the patient’s own tissue, are also successfully applied in our clinic.


Our clinic, which also follows the developments in hand and foot surgery, can respond to the painful joint problems of the big toe as well as rheumatic hand deformities. We strive to not deprive our patients of medical advances and to provide the best service with the latest surgical techniques, implants and mini-invasive implant systems that are accepted in the world in trauma (ie fractures) surgery, that cause minimal tissue damage to the patient, and provide optimal fracture healing.


Balloon kyphoplasty surgery applied with closed, local anesthesia, which is a very comfortable surgical method for the patients, is applied in our clinic in the fractures of the vertebra (spinal cord) bones due to osteoporosis in the elderly.


In addition to our opportunity to catch and treat very rare problems in pediatric orthopedics, deformities that we frequently observe are successfully treated by following the newest treatment methods in the literature.

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